Współpraca z zagranicą ERASMUS+

Erasmus Policy Statement

Cuiavian University in Wloclawek (Kujawska Szkoła Wyzsza we Włocławku) is an institution which aims at internationalisation of its academic activities therefore the participation in EU supported programs is one of its goals for 2021-2027. KSW which relies on funding from students’ own financial resources, contributes most of the budget to research and educational scheme.

The University is working to increase the size of funding opportunities and its financial autonomy so that it can develop as a dynamic and intellectually agile institution, ready to take risks, launch new programs and support emerging disciplines.

The University is open and  always supports the search of knowledge and development of institution and the growth of  its potential. Being the place of many opportunities our institution sees this as a need  to build its position among other universities and create grounds for partnerships. 

By participating in ERASMUS Program our university would like to build a strong position in the academic world where recognition is one of the aims and should  be pursued on every day basis. Modern academic world is a set of interweaving institutions, situations and options therefore the support of ERASMUS (both financial and organizational) can lead to further growth and build up of a strong  unit. We would like to have the regional potential to be seen as a reliable and trustworthy organization which helps students and staff to develop, gain knowledge and increase the horizons of competence. All mobility periods will receive our recognition and will become part of the curriculum. Our priorities for the 2021-2027 period are:

– to increase the University’s visibility in Europe and beyond

– to complete the Course catalogue  with  the ECTS information package and publish it every academic year

– to continue to maintain regular contact partner institutions and students through monitoring visits and attendance by University staff at training sessions

– to improve the contact between university staff and the International Relations Office through regular meetings, workshops and presentations in order to disseminate information and encourage further participation in all aspects of the Program

– to develop and strengthen co-operation agreements with partner and program countries

– to expand the university Erasmus Information Office which serves the Province of Kujawsko-Pomorskie of two million inhabitants  and offers current information on available funding and co-operation

By doing so we create a modern  entity which supports the academia and the environment of stakeholders. Our strategy for the future years is to attract reliable partners, potential students and well-qualified staff who all aim at the commitment and understand the value of international cooperation. Building European Education Area is one of our strongest goals, and by that we mean to achieve European identity by development of partnership with HEI institutions. We will focus on Key Action 1- mobility of higher education students and staff, where we have seen most interest so far and where we predict we have more space for development for 2021-2027. Being part of ERASMUS can help us set a framework of clear actions and will facilitate individual mobility of those who must be supported (because of their financial situation  or because of disabilities and other limitations).  We can provide the visibility of ERASMUS actions by many modern methods of promotion and online tools of validation of mobilities. Modern Europe has learnt to effectively apply e-learning and various distant methods of communication, these will also be part of our education systems in ERASMUS, both in the preparation phase (documentation processing), studying (blended mobilities) and promotion. Kujawska Szkoła Wyższa we Włocławku offers fair opportunities and is aware of the recognition schemes, moreover it can provide tools for modern education within recognised standards, taking ECTS as an example. The clear visibility of course catalogues, transcripts of records and proofs of work are the crucial program documents which may help build a university with higher standards and recognised schemes.

The main focus of Kujawska Szkoła Wyższa we Włocławku is  to carry out projects that support the institution’s development strategy, and are in line with the EU Calls. The institution will continue to expand its cooperation with other HEIs in Europe and outside for the joint implementation of educational solutions that foster the adoption of best practices, as well as joint development of curricula, teaching and learning resources, polices and regulations that built the trademark of European education. The institution aims to propose projects linking the world of education with the world of work through the creation of the new multidisciplinary curricula that promote entrepreneurship and develop relevant skills and competencies. The intention is to create programs that address the needs of an industry and are deeply rooted in a daily practice of the company.

Being part of the ERASMUS community creates new standards and concepts and helps universities connect and exchange experience. We believe we can improve and grow stronger by expanding our experience within ERASMUS world.




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