International relations

European Policy Statement

The University, called KSW for short, offers the BA , MA and post-graduate levels of studies at the following faculties: Administration, Economics, Environment Protection, Physical Education, Nursing and Pedagogics.

The students of WSHE obtain thorough education in Humanities, Economics, Foreign languages and Computer Science, based on the modern syllabuses prepared by eminent specialists in the fields giving students opportunity to study or work abroad.

KSW organised over 70 national and international conferences, seminars, scientific sessions and open lectures. All of these international projects are based on the mutual well-established co-operation. The university co-operates with the universities in Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Turkey and with the largest academies of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province. The results of the so far undertaken projects are: student and teacher exchanges, study visits, conferences, the publication of conference materials and international summer schools. Continuing international development is an essential priority within the overall University Plan, indicating the accurate awareness of the importance of international collaboration at all levels of the institution.

Specific aims and priorities for the future:

– to increase the University’s visibility in Europe

– to improve the ECTS information package

– to continue to maintain regular contact partner institutions and students through monitoring visits and attendance by University staff at European conferences and events

– to improve the contact between university staff and the International Relations Office through regular meetings, workshop and presentations in order to disseminate information and encourage further participation in all aspects of the LLP Erasmus

– to reach co-operation agreements with most of the other countries

– to expand the official LLP Erasmus website so that the link between the office and the student becomes more interactive

– to introduce Double Diploma in co-operation with Erasmus partners

The University International Relations Office is to co-ordinate the Lifelong Learning Programme. The Office has organised information sessions to university administration, faculty members and students publishing on the University Internet site general information about the programme and the European Universities Partners. All faculties have become part of the ECTS system and „ECTS Information Package” is available for students at every department as well as at the International Relations Office All students are free to use the computer points available to visit the partner-University sites. Each exchange student has a faculty advisor to help him or her select courses.To improve students foreign language skills, we offer in Euroclub additional language courses at different levels and international language certificate. Students can learn foreign languages in a modern, well equipped, multimedia laboratory with assistance of well trained and experienced lectors. All of our incoming students receive our „information package”, containing logistics, academic and practical information. The Office arranges accommodation and transport from capital city airport to our city for incoming students. Faculty advisors and volunteer students are also involved to help students adjust to their academic and social life in the city of Wloclawek. Every year or term a two- week „orientation programme” is arranged for incoming students. In order to facilitate the adaptation of incoming students to Polish language and culture, an intensive Polish language course for foreigners is offered during the whole stay of incoming students at the University. The same high standard of organisation procedures applies to our standards of Staff Mobility Action ( publicity on available directions, advising and encouraging on choosing the right partner institution, contacting with partner university, making arrangements: traveling, and accommodation procedures.)

In order to ensure high quality in student placement, our university prepares the process carefully.

First, announcements are given for students to apply. The procedures consists of the following steps:

– submission of the application form,

– copies from the students’ exam book

– evaluation given by the professor in charge of the students

The students who submit these documents are given a language test. Then, the qualification panel meets them and interviews are given.

After that, final decisions are taken. The formal and final list of qualified students s is published and students are informed.

When the student chooses specific subjects, a Learning Agreement is prepared as well as the rest of application documents requested by the partner institution. (i.e. Application Form, Transcript of Records)

The basic documents for the student prepared is the agreement between student and KSW.

First, the documents are faxed and then sent by ordinary mail. After placing all signatures, practical arrangements begin, such as: travel, insurance and accommodation.

During the studying period abroad we stay in contact with local programme coordinators, sometimes a monitoring visit is organized.

After the completion of the exchange period the student must show his/her Transcript of Record and Statement of Stay. If the TR guarantees the arrangements specified in the Learning Agreement, the studying period abroad is fully recognized.

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