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Faculty of Administration was established in 1996 and its inauguration took place in 1997. The faculty offers 3- year undergraduate studies in administration in several specialist subject areas, including public administration, non-public administration, transactions in real estate and property management, and administration of public security.

004 wnsitFaculty of Administration also offers postgraduate studies, including local and regional management, administration of self-government, and banking and insurance.
During three-year studies students are provided with a wide knowledge on the management of human resources in public administration of a higher level (in communes, districts, voivodships at the central level), as well as in institutions and organisations dealing with insurance, banking, finance, and supervising and controlling institutions. Improvement of the knowledge of foreign languages, access to computer techniques, obtaining knowledge on methods of social research, becoming familiar with using specialist literature are main advantages of studying at the administration faculty.

Faculty of Economics started its operations in the academic year of 1997/1998. At first, its activities were limited to offering 3-year undergraduate studies, full time and part time only. Now students can choose from many up-to-date specialist subjects, including application of computers in business, economics and management of a small and medium-size company, municipal and self-government economics, company logistics, public finance and accountancy and rural areas economy. Establishment of the Faculty of Economics resulted from the development of KSW and its plans for expansion, connected with the creation of new faculties in response to the educational demand and challenges of the last few years in Poland. Cuiavian University in Włocławek, pursuing its mission to create an academic institution in Kujawy region, has widened its offer of studies at highly specialised faculties so as to help young people get their first jobs, with regards to Poland’s integration with the European Union.

Graduates of Economics have the necessary knowledge of economics, skills in modern computer technology and knowledge of foreign languages (English, German, Russian, Spanish or French). Graduates can also apply for jobs with independent positions in all kinds of companies: trading companies, financial and insurance companies, consultancy companies, banks or public and self government administration institutions.

The indispensable element of education in this profession is a very good knowledge of
English, which is the fundamental and common means of media communication as well as the language in which most software and technical documentation is written.
Emphasis is put on the practical application of the knowledge acquired during the studies. To this end, students do internships in companies and computer science-oriented institutions. It enables the graduates to become specialists, excellently prepared for professional work.
The Faculty also offers postgraduate studies in computer sciences and information technology, European integration and entrepreneurship for teachers, and others.

The first inauguration of an academic year in the Faculty of Environmental Protection took place in the autumn of 1999. The Faculty offers 3.5-year, full time and part time, undergraduate bachelor’s degree studies in environmental protection. Department of Environmental Protection was granted approval to offer studies by the State Accreditation Committee. Students can choose between two specialisations: environment protection systems and landscape shaping. The Faculty also runs postgraduate studies. The idea to create this Faculty came from consistent pursuit of the University’s mission, which is provision of relevant frameworks for inhabitants of Kujawy-Pomerania voivodship to obtain higher education and improve their professional skills in the most wanted professions in the regional labour market. Faculty of Environmental Protection was granted a positive evaluation by the State Accreditation Committee in 2004.

Research undertaken by scholars of the Faculty, split in two Scientific Divisions (Division of Chemistry of the Environment and Division of Protection and Landscape Shaping), refers to up-to-date environmental protection issues connected mainly with Kujawy Pomerania Region. Kujawy-Pomerania voivodship is a region with a diverse natural environment, which results from the fact that it is crossed by various natural frontiers, i.e. geological, geo- morphological, climatic, hydro-graphic, geo-botanical, fauna frontiers as well as wildlife and forests. The Area of the voivodship has a particular place in ECONET-POLAND, a national net based on the Vistula valley, being the ecological passageway of international importance. Another passageway of international importance is the valley of the Noteć river, while valleys of the Drwęca, the Brda, the Noteć, the Wda, the Skrwa and the Wełna rivers, are the passageways of national importance.
Among crucial areas of international importance, the following ones should be mentioned: Tuchola Forests and region of Gopło lake, while the Forests of Gostynin-Włocławek Nature Park and the area of Brodnica and Górzeń-Lidzbark Nature Park are crucial areas of national importance. It should be noticed that the environmental situation in our region is not satisfactory. In the voivodship there is no river of the first class clarity and only one lake meets this requirement. Main reasons for such a bad condition of flowing and standing waters are the unsatisfactory equipment of cities and communities in sewage treatment plants, lack of investment in sewage system and sewage recycling infrastructure and in water-supply systems, as well as a high level of chemicals utilisation in agriculture. Similarly bad situation is in atmosphere and ground pollution, which is both visible in physical and chemical degradation. The situation is additionally complicated by the fact that in the area of voivodship, there are 106 objects potentially dangerous to the environment.

The most common problems, identified on the basis of environmental criteria, of the Kujawy-Pomerania voivodship are the following: I Lack of water sources of agriculture destination in the north-west part of region; II Complexity – from the environmental, social and economic point of view – of the ecological passageway in the Vistula valley; III Area of protected drainage basins, including drainage basins of the Drwęca and Brda rivers – in connection with provision of potable water to cities (from the Drweca to Torun and from the Brda to Bydgoszcz).
On the basis of the above brief presentation of the ecological situation of our region and selected problem areas, it can be stated that the main stream of research carried out at the Faculty of Environmental Protection at the Cuiavian University in Włocławek, concerns the ecological passageway in the area of the Vistula river.

Scope of research:

Hydro-biology of Włocławek Reservoir and planned Nieszawa Reservoir,
Bio-diversity of forests, with special emphasis on the Forests of Gostynin-Włocławek Nature Park,
Conditions of ecological basis for spatial development in the area of Kujawy-Pomerania, with special respect to Włocławek and its environment,
Development of protected areas.

Another problem, which appears very often in research works of the Faculty employees, concerns the issue of the consequences resulting from Poland’s integration with the European Union, as regards Polish standards system and regulations on environmental protection. Results of research are presented during scientific conferences and then published as part of scientific publications of KSW

In October 2010 Cuiavian University in Włocławek opened its latest department-National Defence. The main profile of the courses is Crisis Management in Administration. Graduates from this department can be employed at all levels of public administration.

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