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Tourism is studied by enthusiasts of travel, open to adventures, getting to know the country and the world, specialists in the field of individual and group trips; future specialists in tourism management. The study program in the field of tourism guarantees the knowledge of: the theoretical foundations of tourism, modern methods of researching tourism, the directions and trends of the contemporary diversity of the tourism market (various types and forms of tourism, including extreme types of tourism) in the context of natural and cultural conditions (environmental potential, globalization, sustainable development, transformation of landscapes). The study program includes content on customer service strategies, consumer behavior, marketing principles, labor market and business negotiations, as well as sociological and economic foundations of tourism and legal aspects. The program provides the opportunity to improve students’ technical and practical skills in the field of: developing thematic inventories and tourist valorization, mapping and imaging (visualization) of tourist attractions and values, creating maps (using GIS techniques); also includes items for developing customer service skills (ICT). The study program is complemented by courses aimed at getting to know the tourist potential of the world’s regions, as well as the degree and quality of tourist development. Tourist studies have a practical dimension, abound in apprenticeships in tourist companies and field trips, checking the ability to lead tours and prepare tourist offers. Students can choose from two specializations, taught by an interdisciplinary staff: tourism economy and cultural heritage. Education takes place in the system of two-year second-cycle studies. The faculty cooperates with numerous business entities and regional administration institutions. Field exercises and apprenticeships offered in the field of Tourism are an important form of cooperation with the economy and constitute an intermediate level in preparing graduates to enter the labor market.

Professional prospects Graduates of tourism are employed in travel agencies and tourism promotion, tour operators and tourist carriers, accommodation facilities, cultural and scientific institutions, museums, and in tourist organizations at the regional and national level. They are employed as guides in tourist facilities/areas and as domestic and foreign tour guides. They are tourism specialists in offices of all levels, e.g. in the departments of strategy and development and in the departments of tourism. Graduates of tourism are also prepared to run their own companies and enterprises offering tourist services.

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