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Faculty of Health Sciences
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By the decision of the Founder of the College – the Włocławek Scholarly Association in the academic year of 2003/2004, the Faculty of Health Sciences was founded. It is the youngest and the 6th faculty in the structure of the KSW. The faculty offers 3-year bachelor’s degree courses with a specialty of nursing and physical education. Faculty of Nursing was granted a positive evaluation of the National Accreditation Committee of Medical Education.

006 wnozPoland’s joining the Union had an impact on educational needs in various professions, including the profession of a nurse. With reference to medical professions, the faculty meets requirements of educating doctors, dentists and pharmacists, however, it does not meet requirements as for educating nurses. It is so because of obligatory, minimum three-year, higher education, and this requirement is met by professional bachelor’s degree studies.
Last year in November, the Cuiavian University in Włocławek obtained a permission from the Minister of Education and Sports to conduct nursing courses. In Włocławek and its surroundings as well as on the area of the whole Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship, a few hundred male and female nurses possess testimonials of education on a level of a secondary medical school. The latest offer of the KSW, being a response to a huge interest in this circle of people, creates opportunities of obtaining a diploma of higher professional education without the need to travel to distant academic centres. Courses are run in two modes: daytime – designed for candidates without any professional background for a job of nurse, extramural – for people with some professional background. So called “bridge courses” will be implemented from the academic year of 2004/2005 for professionally active nurses by virtue of an ordinance of the Minister of Health of 11th May 2004.

Classes at a patient’s bed and some of laboratory classes will be held at the Province Hospital in Włocławek. In the letter of intent, the Voivodship Hospital confirmed a possibility of holding professional trainings and access to laboratories of the Hospital within the scope of activities included in the course programme. Teaching staff consists of employees of the Medical College in Włocławek, academic teachers of the medical Academy in Bydgoszcz, the Medical University of Łódź and the Medical Academy in Warsaw, and also employees of the Zespół Lecznictwa Podstawowego in Włocławek, the Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowisko Ciechocinek S.A., the Wojskowy Szpital Uzdrowiskowo-Rehabilitacyjny SP ZOZ in Ciechocinek and the SPZOZ in Lipno. 

The aim of the specialisation of physical education in the University of Humanities and Economics in Włocławek is to educate employees of sports organisations, physical training teachers for primary and secondary schools, special schools and employees of educational units implementing the programme of health education.
A graduate of three-year, professional courses of physical training should: understand physical culture, master the tools of physical training and become an example to follow.
This means that thanks to the achieved education from the range of natural and social sciences and mastering skills of teaching movement and body improvement, a graduate should possess qualifications enabling him/her to competently affect body – by physical means, and personality – by social means, in order to fulfil objective and subjective needs of pupils as for somatic-motor development and preparing them to care for health, functionality and construction of their own bodies – also after graduation from the College.
Thus it is essential to learn methods of diagnosing and prognosticating physical and mental development and a skill of programming means of education and physical training which – together with personal culture acquired during studies to become a teacher, and pedagogical sensibility – will guarantee an effective implementation of school and after-school activities within a range of physical training (after meeting additional requirements defined by separate regulations), sports, recreation and tourism of school youth.
In the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodship there is a significant need for qualified pedagogical staff for implementation of a programme of physical training. Thanks to a relatively wide accessibility of sports venues and investments granted by the Włocławek authorities, in the field of physical culture, one can easily notice a need for ensuring safety and security for practicing various kinds of sports activities by the youth from schools and those from outside schools. Newly established and developing sports clubs, groups of young people training various sports require proper professional supervision which will provide safety and correct physical development.
Support of the city authorities expressed in – among others – the included letter of intent on sharing with the University of Humanities and Economics in Włocławek some sports venues, confirms the opinion of the College authorities about a need for educating specialists in physical training.

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