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Education in the field of Physiotherapy will take place in uniform Master’s studies conducted in full-time (daytime) mode.

The studies are addressed to people who have obtained a secondary school-leaving certificate and do not have health contraindications that prevent them from practicing the profession of a physiotherapist. The graduate will receive the professional title of Master.

A graduate of Physiotherapy will obtain education and professional preparation in accordance with the requirements in force in health care units – to work with sick and disabled people, primarily in the use of natural (physical) factors in prophylaxis and for treatment purposes.

In addition, a graduate of Physiotherapy: respects the principles of professional ethics, recognized cultural norms and human rights,
has the knowledge and skills necessary to shape, maintain, and restore the fitness of people of different ages in connection with the lost, reduced as a result of diseases or injuries, the efficiency of the body,
performs all physiotherapeutic procedures in an impeccable manner – adjusts its activities to the overriding goals of rehabilitation as part of the functioning of rehabilitation teams and controlling the effectiveness of the physiotherapy process,
works with team members to improve the quality of services.
The graduate will be prepared to work in health care facilities, centers for the disabled, sports centers and in education (after completing the teaching specialty). At the same time, they will master a foreign language at the B2 proficiency level of the European System of the Description of Language Education of the Council of Europe and will be fluent in a specialist language in the field of study.

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