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In the field of Logistics, first-cycle (engineering) studies are conducted in full-time system.

After completing the 7-semester studies, the graduate receives the professional title of engineer.

The education program in the field of Logistics was based on proven didactic models, taking into account local needs and trends on the labor market. It is also intended to provide graduates with the opportunity to continue their education at second-cycle (Master’s) studies.

Suggested fields:

Enterprise logistics
Logistics of uniformed services
Transport logistics
Brief characteristics of the proposed specialties
Enterprise logistics
The graduate has knowledge in the field of information flow management and knowledge of the needs and functioning of the market. In addition, he has knowledge of managing the flow of raw materials, materials and finished products both within the enterprise and between economic entities within the so-called supply chain, starting from the sources of supply and ending with the service of the final customer. It is also prepared to manage the processes of storage, transport and inventory management. He can find employment in enterprises and production plants as well as logistics and warehouse centers.

Logistics of uniformed services
The graduate has extensive knowledge in the field of logistics, supply and transport. In addition, he has the necessary knowledge in the field of modern technologies used in the areas of operation of uniformed services. It is fully prepared to carry out analyzes regarding the current needs of uniformed services. He has appropriate competences in the field of modern supply planning, especially in crisis situations with which uniformed services have to deal. Maybe employment in all uniformed services as well as institutions and organizations dealing with crisis management.

Transport logistics
The graduate has knowledge in the field of designing transport systems and managing transport and distribution systems. In addition, he knows the methods and techniques of organizing, planning and controlling forwarding and transport processes. He also knows the latest technologies and techniques of internal transport equipment in logistics centers. He also has the necessary knowledge in the field of road transport technology, loading work and transport infrastructure. He can find employment in transport and forwarding companies as well as logistics centers.

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